Be Globally

about us

Overseas Motions is an international trading company specializing in frozen food products such as fish and poultry in niche markets and also export sunflower and vegetable oil around the world. With our experience, knowledge and expertise, we help many different companies export a very diverse range of products to a wide range of international markets. We have the ability to develop and maintain long-term customer relationships, and many of our clients have stayed there since the company was founded. We offer products at the best price on the market. All transportation and documentation are taken care of to ensure a smooth import into your destination country.

Our mission

We provide the most efficient competitive supply Chain solutions for our customers and suppliers worldwide.

Our vision

Our success is defined by the quality and depth of our relationships with our customers and suppliers, our product and market knowledge, the ability to create long-term value with proprietary food products and services, and the efficiency that we achieve throughout the global food distribution value chain.

Our values

Focus all of our efforts on our clients while being flexible, open-minded, creative, quick, respectful and always determined to succeed